Trust Mission & Vision


In all its activities the Trust’s mission is to support the all-round development of all its members, students and staff alike, while acting as a platform where they find promising and bright career opportunities and achieve career goals and life ambitions. While harnessing the resourceful connections of the trust, its members, the community, and local and global partnerships, the trust aims at creating dedicated professionals and dynamic entrepreneurs who symbolize excellence.

The strategic activities guided by our mission include:

  • Creating dynamic and enthusiastic professionals in every field we offer who are responsible and worthy citizens of the country, and can contribute to the overall progress and development of the society.
  • Imparting a high standard of education while fostering an environment that develops professional personality, prepares students for high performance, and builds healthy connections through co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Promoting academic, community, corporate, and professional partnerships for activities that reflect a shared commitment to exemplary growth.


Our vision is to work consistently to develop higher education opportunities in the North Gujarat region to meet the needs of a developing society. Technical and professional highereducation opportunities in Science and Technology (including IT and Computer Applications), Business Management, and Medicine will prepare leaders and entrepreneurs who are prepared to face diverse challenges in this fast-changing society and industry.

Our campuses will be recognized as excellent places to:

  • Grow personally and professionally as a business expert, entrepreneur, a well-rounded person, and a community leader with a vision.
  • Improve the scope for employment for higher standards of living and wealth generation.
  • Experience and appreciate diverse ways of learning, thinking, and developing ideas.