Sankalchand Patel Vidyadham

The Sankalchand Patel Vidyadham was developed at a residential campus on the outskirts of Visnagar town in the year 1999. Today, it successfully houses for Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate degree colleges in faculties of Engineering, Management, Computer Science, and Medical Sciences which include Dentistry, Nursing, and a well-equipped hospital. The campus also houses a large three year polytechnic college for similar technical subjects. Currently, there are about 6000 enrolled students at SK, about 800 students live on-campus while a large number of commutes from nearby towns and cities independently or by campus transportation.

The primary aim of the Sankalchand Patel Vidyadham and its trust is to make higher education available to the youth of North Gujarat. Over a decade old, still expanding and highly respected for its efforts to educate, this campus was established to reach out to the youth in rural and semi-rural communities around North Gujarat and gain success in fulfilling their mission. The campus houses its various colleges in 4 major buildings with well equipped classrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, libraries, auditoriums, staff areas, and various open areas for student-activities. In addition, there is an active sports center, a guesthouse, and faculty apartments that add to its infrastructure foundation.